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The user shall remain the boss

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Photo by Fernando Arcos from Pexels

Photo by Fernando Arcos from Pexels

Social networking sites have always been a way to connect with this huge and yet so tiny world. Platforms that were once particularly attractive for teenagers and celebrities have now become a part of life for one and all. From homemakers who once detested social media to businessmen who found it a waste of time, everyone in some way for some reason finds themselves being connected to a digital platform.

When a passionate cook first uploaded the picture of her beautifully baked cake, all she wanted was to share her happiness with her friends. She never knew that she was not just sharing her happiness, but also her interests, her shopping list, her hobbies and a lot more with people she doesn’t even know. Had she known it beforehand, she would have probably never uploaded that post. In this era where many companies are making customers their first priority, there can be some social networking sites, that have become synonymous with our daily lives, that make customers their product.

When users found out how easily people could access and use their information, they immediately deleted their accounts from various platforms. This highlights that protection of privacy is the foremost priority for them. In such a case the common person can feel helpless, for there’s nothing that they can do except withdrawing away. Several social networking sites have simply left people feeling vulnerable at every interface of this globally spread network.

I believe collecting and sharing personal information without consent not only is an invasion of privacy, but also takes away the ‘right to choose’ because the user can't decide what they wish to share. The need of the hour is to call for a strict action and a safe network, which unfortunately is not something that lies in an individual’s hand. But contrary to the widespread belief, the user isn’t powerless either.

The deletion of accounts by just some individuals can lead to a loss of billions of dollars to some networking platforms. What else lies in our hands is the vigilant and thoughtful use of any service being offered to us. The terms and conditions also need to be read carefully before ‘choosing’ to use any service. If we are careful of the information we are lending away, we may never have to worry about the data breach. Let's get out of the dark and show the power of customers before it’s too late.

Sam Walton rightly said, “There’s only one boss- the customer, and he can fire anybody from the company, from the chairman on down simply by spending his money somewhere else.” ( In this case the user can be the boss by simply being vigilant and aware of his rights.

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