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The strange case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

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Unless you already know, the title of my post is from a book by Robert Louis Stevenson, a novella of ten chapters that I got the chance to read it two days ago.

The story about doctor Jekyll, a kind, respected and a successful man who believes that there are two parts to each human being: the good self and the bad self. One day he made a potion that can separate these two selves. The potion helped him to reveal his bad side so he’ll be able to do whatever he wants without feeling guilty. He gave his bad side a name, which is Mr. Hyde, who is pure evil, selfish, short tempered and extremely violent. As each day passed he began to lose control of Mr. Hyde , and began to hurt people and commit crimes and for the fear that he would become Hyde forever, he killed himself.

What the hell was I reading? So weird, but anyway this is a summary of the Gothic story, which I find it a bit complicated but really good since I’m not into reading horror books, however this one caught my attention in on a lot of aspects, for example I noticed while reading that Jekyll was able to remember everything he did while being Hyde. It is not as if Hyde is a different person of him, Hyde is him and Jekyll commits all of his crimes and sins on his own.

The thing is, it is out of the question that we all have bad and good sides in us and it’s up to us to decide on which side to act on.

So who are we? Jekyll or Hyde?, If we can commit crimes without the fear of consequences, would we do it or not? Are we good because we are good? Or are we good because it is the only way?

Another point is that, Hyde was described in the book as ‘Satan’s signature’, so is there a possibility that the writer meant that Satan is involved when someone is deciding to act on his bad side? Something like giving you a hand?

The most important idea is that I think the writer wanted us to understand that every evil person in this world started as a normal good human being but the more he let his bad side appear the more he’d lose control of himself and therefore it becomes part of him. It is all about losing ourselves to the bad qualities. And you should be proud of yourselves when you know you are taking control, Because it means you won over Satan and saved others a lot of pain.

“If one gives evil an inch, it will take a mile”

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