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The Right to Love

no picture Edgar Akuffo-Addo
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We create our own world. In forging our own world, we have brought to life so many things we never wished for. Psychopaths,(people with real social disorders) do exist, but perhaps we also created them and we have the ability and power to unmake them. Perhaps, we turned people into psychopaths because we failed to show them love. As we did celebrate Halloween some few weeks back, we ought to also ponder on another day we should aim to take just as seriously – a day for love. I am not oblivious of the fact that there is a Valentine’s day, but I am proposing something more than the new ‘fickleness’ that Valentine’s Day has been commercialized into. I am proposing a day where we show love to strangers, those around us we often ignore, people of other races, and to those living on the streets.

It is to the detriment of humanity that people are so burdened, worried, distressed and in great despair without humanistic comfort. Do we even care enough for the living anymore? The world has become so individualistic; we are all striving towards self-gain, riches, fame and treasures that do not even satisfy us.

Meanwhile around us, there are people dying – whether by bombs, guns or even suicide. What are we doing to heal the pain? Can’t we have a new Valentine’s Day? To set the clear distinction, another Valentine’s Day, that is, yet another day just to show love with or without sex. I am proposing a day where we all go around hugging and smiling the people we see, telling them how much we care and love, it might not make a big difference but if it does comfort even a single despair soul, humanity have achieved something.

It is time we show love to people outside our comfort zone, our social class, outside our race and nationality. We all deserve love; we all ought to have the right to be loved. We can make each day a celebration, say hello to random people, hug strangers and inquire how people around us are doing!

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