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The profession of teaching in India

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India is a land where Gurus have always been venerated more than kings. It has been a land where the most auspicious function started with ‘Guru Vandana’, for the blessings of a Guru were considered highly essential for a successful endeavour. Unfortunately I believe the present day scenario speaks of a completely opposite situation.

Today it appears that the profession of teaching is highly underrated and the common motive behind pursuing it is no longer wanting to make a difference in the life of an individual. For many girls, this position can be considered 'ideal' because it will provide them enough time to work and look after their families. Similarly for boys, many may see it as easy income along with their main income, such as a family business. If one thinks deeply, I believe it is indeed shameful to see the level to which the profession has been degraded.

Along with this, teachers face the challenges of low pay, less incentives, poor infrastructure and slow growth. I feel this is one of the primary reasons why the creamy layer of students don’t want to enter into this line of work. Instead they prefer to chose a career in engineering, medicine or some private college. Since a teacher is the foundation of any education system, it directly impacts our education system. This can be seen by students flying abroad for higher education. This is an issue which has been hitherto ignored and needs immediate attention.

Some positive steps were seen with the implementation of NCF- 2005 that laid emphasis on how the job of teaching should not just be limited to the school hours, but during time at home towards the betterment of his students. The sixth pay commission , which brought a considerable increase in salary for teachers of all grades was another positive step. Despite these forward movements, a lot more needs to be done, especially from the foundation. To begin with, teacher training schools need to offer relevant and flexible curriculum's where trainees are made aware of all the latest advancements so that they can use them later. The conditions of government schools should be highly improved and above all care should be taken to ensure that the entrance to these institutions is made tough and as sought after as other professions. Teaching is indeed a very tough job and lessons from continuous ‘qualitative’ seminars and meetings shouldn’t be left there, but implemented in the daily learning routine.

We have come a long way but there is still a long way to go to ensure that this profession is again placed back on the same highest pedestal from which it has fallen. The change needs to start from our thoughts and then our actions. When we enter into this line of work we should make sure that we devote 100% of ourselves to make a change in the lives of those being taught by us. This is not very difficult but just requires a little change in thought and attitude because, in the words of Dr. Kalam, “Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, calibre and future of an individual, if people remember me as a good teacher; it will be the biggest honour for me.”

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