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The outside


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Ever pretended you were inside a box?

It was something my friends and I loved to do as kids.

We felt like real actors if our moves convinced others we really were inside it.

It was pointless to pretend.

You are inside of a box.

The box is your comfort zone, it is your life.

Inside of the box are the things you are familiar with.

Inside of the box are good thing but also bad things.

When you’re lucky, you can throw the bad things out.

When the bad things are at the bottom of your box, that may not be so easy.

What to do when you can’t get rid of those bad things?

Think outside of the box!

Dare to step out and go see what the world has to offer.

Try to find the counterpart for the bad things you can’t throw out.

But be aware, everything you take once belonged to somebody else.

Be thankful and give something back.

Put something from your box into the world.

Maybe it will help someone, maybe it will help many.

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