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The Move

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How To React To Moving

How To React To Moving

In most people's lives, they have either not moved at all or have, but just a few times. For me it was a different story, you see moving has always been a constant in my life. At least 13 times, give or take a few, and I am still pretty young. So I probably will move again.

Because of this lifestyle, I can say some things that not everyone can. For example kindergarten: yes I know everyone has gone to kindergarten but what made mine so special was doing it in 3 different countries. No, just because I know you guys are all thinking it, it did not take me 3 years to finish kindergarten. The only thing I had a problem with in kindergarten was always being confused, but then again I am still pretty confused. Although kindergarten was a stressful year and so was every other time I moved I did learn some tricks that I would like to share.

Is this the first time you're moving? Because the first time is always the worst, no matter what happens, IT IS ALWAYS THE WORST. It is hard to leave everything you have once known to start a journey into the unknown. I wish I could say that there is something to do to make things easier but there is not because for some reason you have fallen in love with the place, and those are the reasons holding you back but they will always be there.

You see as much as we want to say we are not afraid, we are because the fear of letting go is greater than the excitement which accompanies a new chapter. The fear is also accompanied by thoughts and dread, which is clouding your heads: I don’t want to leave. I love all of you guys. Can’t wait to get away from him. These are the people who made up one whole part of my life and now it's come time to say goodbye forever or at least for a while. You don’t have to look at it that way, you could look forward, imagine your future success or meeting them again. Especially, meeting them again because forgetting them is not the answer either.

OK, so you have said goodbye and it was hard, but you still have to get through the first day at the “New place”. I am not an expert on the human emotion, heck I can’t even tell happy from sad, but I do know what you are feeling. You're probably shaking, sweating, blinking or just talking a lot/less than you usually do, which is not from being positive or just straight out being excited. Let's be honest guys nobody likes change and if you say you do, you’re lying to yourself. No, because nobody wants to endure judgment or to mess up and becoming an outcast. What helps is the motto ‘Fake it, till you make it.’ For example, even if you don't know what to say just go up to someone randomly and say “hi”. Trust me this makes people think you are much more approachable compared to the introvert in the corner. Think about it, would you rather sit beside the loner in the corner or the person you talked about food with at lunch?

Memories. Sometimes you will be the loner in the corner, trust me I am the loner. But if that makes you start missing your old school think of a memory. A memory you can always remember the school for, such as the girl, who shall not be named, stole your favorite hand sanitizer in kindergarten. I tell you all drama always happens in kindergarten. Back to the hand sanitizer, IT WAS PEACH! Of courses, she had to steal my stuff but it is alright I have gotten over it, sort of. She did help me remember that school even if it is not for the most memorable reason. It also helps if you move schools a lot and you can’t tell the differences anymore, it is that one thing that helps you tell the difference.

I hope you guys are not the loners sitting in the corner, but it's not like I can honestly say I was never the lone wolf, however, I was also the annoying kid who would always yell in class. Fun fact, I am actually starting a new school. Of course, I will be the trademark introvert with friends.

Wish me luck, as will I for you.

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