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The Meaning of "No"

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did you do what you did,

hurt what you hurt,

touch what you touched


you think that I was scared?

That I didn't want your hands,

roaming, exploring,



melted me until I was water,

burned me until I was steam.

Left me invisible and broken,

a piece of dust swept under the carpet.

But what about the other one?

Why didn't you Stop

when she cried and ran out of the room?

When she brought in her father,

glaring at you through watery red eyes

and tear stained cheeks?

She couldn't say what you did,

neither could I;

Our mouths sealed shut by the patriarchy.

I pretended not to notice


I felt lingering hands,

whispers of lust I didn't want to hear.

When my cheeks flushed,

and the familiar water pricked at my eyes.



hung my head in shame,

despite not having done a thing.

Embarrassment clogged my throat,

fear sealed my lips.

But there you stood,

proud as ever.

You brought with you a thousand nights,

a million suns simmered down.

I always think, if I had


something earlier, would things have

been different?

If I had just opened my mouth,

pushing aside the fear of being ridiculed,

I wouldn't have cried useless tears.

But I can't blame myself.

It all could have been avoided,

if only someone taught you the meaning of


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