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The Me in the Mirror

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This article is in response to Enenim Ubon's "Discover the Real You " Article HERE. I actually wrote this a couple of years ago when I was the shy and timid type, and after writing this and placing it on my wall, every morning I would look through it, recite and it worked for me, who knows it might do same for you too........

Hi you,

Listen, i have had enough of your everyday complains

As from now, you do as i say

Enough with your self-criticism, low esteem and condemnation

I am tired of your ‘i am not good enough’, i’m shy, everyone is watching’ and ‘i can’t’ attitude

It’s high time you vanquished these attitudes, let go of them and rule your world

You shouldn’t always see you as imperfect….hey, sorry to cut in but i am not perfect

Yes, you are not perfect but no one is either

It’s high time you took the bull by the horn and be as confident as you can be

Dare to do those things you felt you couldn’t

Dare to walk with your shoulders high and be as confident as you can be

Listen, if you don’t change yourself

Nobody will, change begins with you

I am sorry if i sound so harsh but you have got a little and no choice than to do as i say because i am you, the 'me' in the mirror

I am breaking out of the low esteem shell

I am cutting the bars of iron of shyness down

As from now on, i will stand up to my opinions, speak on behalf of the masses/voiceless and stand up for what is right!

You, i hope you are listening?

You better be

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