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Immortal love...

Immortal love...

The wishing well echoed his prayers, for her,

And on the sand of time, was written a beautiful love story,

To which immortals did bestowed;

She searched for his hand,

But couldn't find,

That hand which held her first step on this land,

The one who was her beautiful friend,

He didn't tell her how to live,

And let her watch him do it.

He was her lamp burning in love every tonight,

To her hurdles he ever stood before to fight,

Because he was his God by might...

And he believed in her,

Truly and truly;

Holding her hand from the day of her birth;

Making her small fist a blessing,

Making her a divine dressing,

He held it and held it...

Till the last minute of his breath.

And who was he?

He was her Superhero,

He made her every climb and cliff near to zero.

And he loved her unconditionally.

His emptiness left a heartache which nobody could feel,

His memories touched her in a way nobody could steal.

Now she has to walk alone,

She lacked the shoulder with her to rest upon and mourn.

Those we love don't go away,

They walk beside us everyday.

His love for her was beyond infinity;

Full of purity and dignity,

A love never ending,

Even the soul departed,

His love could never.

So was a tale,

Till time and tide lather,

A tale in the world so matters,

And her's his was angelic,

Because nobody can love a daughter

Like a father does,

Like a father loves.

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