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The Little Bird's Funeral

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Right across the faces of me and you,
There was a little bird that always flew.

The bird was strong, smart and wide,
For he had a wonderful pride.

He saw the people full of joy,
And said - What a world oh boy!

Out of happiness, and strength alike,
That day he flew to the best of his might.

He went to its family, told them about people,
Assured them, they could see this from the steeple.

Days were happy, and years went by,
The bird lived merry, and enjoyed his sky.

But times changed, the sky became dark,
On his feathers, the carbon left it's mark.

The bird was amazed, decided to find out,
Flew to the steeple, trying to figure out.

About to reach, he felt so exhausted,
He felt like, he's soon going to be dead.

The steeple came, the bird got a view,
Why the city looked red, he didn't have a clue.

Then there he saw, people coughing and sad,
Their condition looked horribly bad.

What happened, he wondered in surprise,
Where are the happy people, or are these just lies?

So he took a trip to get a glance,
Almost himself entering into a trance.

The air had something, intoxicating and intense,
He could hardly breathe, now that made sense.

Still with vigour, he went around,
All he saw was pollution surround.

The sky was dark, the rivers were grimed,
Plants were dying, it was badly timed.

Fishes were dead, animals hydrated,
The people in a queue, somehow waited.

What happened? What did they do?
He wondered, he still had no clue.

Sad and disheartened, he went to his clan,
And said - There's something wrong with man.

His clan made him sit, gave a cup of water,
Said - Son, soon its gonna get hotter!

Understand the truth, we are just birds,
Its all in the control of those nerds.

They want more, their want never ends,
They and the nature, are no more friends.

Exploited badly, and deforestation reckless,
Its not in our control, we all are speechless.

If they don't understand, they will soon perish,
Few are the years left for us to cherish.

So fly, but pray their desires drop,
Or prepare your funeral, this ain't gonna stop.

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