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The Life of a Pakistani Girl

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The article has been written about this girl

The article has been written about this girl

Every time I sit down and talk to these people, there's so much that I learn from them. Despite having so little, their hearts are so big. And I can't really put down in words, the inspiration that I draw from their lives.

Today I came across such an inspirer, the sixteen year old, Irsaa. She left school and started helping her mother with her work at the age of ten. Financial difficulties and her mother's deteriorating health had impelled her to stop studying and consequently six years ago her educational journey came to an end. She didn't protest much to the decision that had been taken on her part, because to her her mother's health was most important. Hence, she and her younger sister started working to ease off their mother's work load and support the rest of their family.

Now she works at a house in a housing society where her job consists of mopping, dusting and doing the dishes. She says she doesn't like the work that she does and most of the times she regrets not having been educated enough. She's also very displeased with the way the woman she works for, treats her and how she becomes indignant at the smallest of things. Irsaa relates, once she accidentally burned her shirt while ironing, and for this small mistake she was demeaned and debased. She says such harsh treatment for the people who put their shoulder to the wheel, just to get your work done is uncalled for.

Irsaa is also engaged and will soon be married. She doesn't seem opposed to the decision of her marriage and is rather happy because she'll get to live with her grandmother.

She's immensely interested in shopping, her favorite part being shopping for jewelry. She likes being around her friends, but she can't do much of it due to her busy everyday schedule. Her future plans include working in a parlor, in order to extend financial support to her family.

Irsaa, is a very wise girl, much wiser than most people her age. To her poverty means nothing for there are people who're living in worse conditions. There are people who can't provide for their children's shelter and food, and live through the nights on footpaths. Despite being so young, there's a lot one can learn from her.

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