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The Hidden Beauty Of Our Generation


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A picture I took at the beach. The sky and lake are merged into one and it reminds me of all the chances we have at looking at the good in the world. For me, starting off with the hidden natures.

A picture I took at the beach. The sky and lake are merged into one and it reminds me of all the chances we have at looking at the good in the world. For me, starting off with the hidden natures.

We are so inclined towards all the bad in the world that we forget about the good things that exist. Not only that, but when other generations scoff at our generation and say we are going to lead the world to extinction, I can't help but wonder why that thought goes through their heads. However, I am a hypocrite in this as I think the same thing myself.

We all wonder about the bad and talk about the bad in each generation because that's the only thing we know how to do. It's as if our brains have been wired to filter through the pile of good and find the small conflict going on and have that take over. There's a minority of good things that come to our heads when we reflect on our past years. Will it always be this way? Maybe. Can we change this mindset? Nothing is impossible, after all.

Every generation has their lowest point. If that didn't exist, would we bother embracing the phrase "Failure is the gateway to success" or "Without failure, you will never reach success"? It's inevitable that generations will go through the bad in which changes everyone's mindset about the world being a good place. But from the bad in each generation, the new one learns what to avoid. We are constantly adapting to the change made for the better.

As humans, we have the right to question our existence. Sometimes, even I stand to think that I was born in the wrong generation. But what does that even mean? Why was I born to the wrong generation?

The thing is, I wasn't. No one was. If I didn't have a purpose right now, I would've been born at the beginning of time or maybe the end of time, isn't that right? I like to think of the fact that I was meant to be in this generation. I may not find the solution to global warming or find medicine for incurable diseases. It's about what you are to yourself and whether or not you are making the change you want to see.

I was talking to my grandma the other day and she began by saying "Name something that happened in 2017" Automatically, I thought of all the bad things that happened like the hurricanes or bombings that happened. Before I got to utter a word, she told me it has to be a happy thing. Suddenly, my mind went blank. What good could've possibly happened in 2017?

After ending the call, I thought about her question. Good in 2017. What does she mean by good? She was born two generations before me and instead of starting a conversation about the bad things that were going on in the world, she was talking about a good thing that happened in 2017.

Why was it so tough? Now I seemed like someone who hated my generation more. But, I guess I hadn't really focused on the good things that did happen in that year. Now that I think of it, there were so many things that the media didn't cover.

For example, organizations around the world are constantly giving aid to refugees and many of them are finally having access to schools. Many women are starting to speak up for their rights in several countries because they believe it is time for a change in this century. More students are being educated and being admitted to colleges and universities. Technology is growing and more people are being connected to each other. LGBTQ+ communities are expanding to different countries and people are accepting each other's differences. Mental health is less of a taboo and awareness is being spread.

This is just a small summary of all the good that happened. Come to think of it, there is all this good in the world yet, when we see the media, we just think of all the bad.

Take time to reflect good things that happened to you through the week. You don't have a bad life. We are living in such a beautiful moment of time with growth and recognition.

Have your voice out in the world and say what you think about what's going on. Overpower the bad in the media and bring light to the good in our beautiful world. Let's make 2018 the beginning of where we see more good than bad in the world.

And only then will we see the beauty in our existence.

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