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The formation of a world saver

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As we are all living on this planet , we should take care of it , who else would otherwise? (Pexel)

As we are all living on this planet , we should take care of it , who else would otherwise? (Pexel)

Hi there,

Below are my thoughts on a video by the United Nations about plastic pollution in our ocean.

To be honest with you, I was about to vomit. Watching those poor seabirds’ dying from eating plastic by accident was the most horrible scene I’ve ever seen in my life. To prevent this from happening and to stop our planet’s destruction we must be aware of the importance of plastic pollution and take action! We have to protect our planet TOGETHER in order to survive.

Nowadays, more than 73% of fish in the Irish Sea, no matter how deep or shallow, contain plastic in their stomach! Can you imagine eating Irish fish which has a 73% chance of having plastic in their stomach?

It’s absolutely disgusting, and it’s having a major effect on humans, fish and our ocean. People believe that plastics are widely recycled, but the truth is only 20% of the plastic in the world is recycled, and it can only be recycled for a few times, then it is dumped into the ocean. One of my teachers in school collected 12 plastic bottles (once off bottles) in one classroom in just 2 days. We did some calculations: There are about 6 bottles found in one classroom every day, there are 30 classrooms in the school, five schooldays in a week, and about 32 school weeks in a year. This means there are about 29,000 plastic bottles dumped every school year and this only includes plastic bottles found in the classroom; not even the school hall, black and green bins. You might think we’re just a small group, and we couldn’t change anything, but when the calculations are shown, it’s unbelievable. This proves that together, we can do everything!!! Saving the world? We definitely can do it. The green committee of my school is promoting the end of plastic pollution so much more than they used to. Procedures like buying aluminum or steel bottles were introduced to my school and it has had a great impact and seems successful so far. I believe every person can help save our planet a little each and every day.

The world would change to a better place to live. Watts up, heats up, times up. Save the polar bears by turning off the lights when it's not necessary. Save the sea animals by reducing plastic use. Use paper bags instead of plastic, use reusable bottles instead of once off, remember we are taking actions for ourselves. This is our planet.

Thank you for reading my piece and I hope you are inspired to start saving the environment now! Be a world saver!

-Plastic ocean video:

-73% of Irish fish contain plastic in them:

-only 20% of plastic is recycled:

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