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The Economic Option

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Kaan Kabalak
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Why do societies choose to be ruled by monarchs or oligarchs, even in the 21th century? Why the political parties, which have no respect for the foundational social democratic ideologies of the European Union, are on the rise throughout Europe? What makes a healthy minded individual choose to be ruled by an fascist overlord in an age which was meant to be the age of reason?

These questions all have been asked before. As answers many theories were suggested. Some of them are truly effective in understanding the nature of fascist tendencies,and thus stopping them, and some of them are too biassed to be useful.

I suggest that we look for the roots of this problem in our everyday life. Why do we take the shortcuts on our way home or work? Why have we built machines that do things for us?

The answer is quite simple: We want things to be easy. We, as humans, have always went for the economic option in our history. We made our language, our trade, our social life, and even wars more simple as centuries went on. We have always tried to make everything in our lives much more manageable. This is in our very nature.

So what do some of us do when we think that our way of life (our community, our culture, our jobs etc.) is under danger because of people who are not originally a part of our culture (immigrants, refugees etc.)?

We go for the economic option. A politician claims that he will deal with the above-mentioned problem for his ''beloved and dear'' people even if it means standing against the most foundational values of international establishments (e.g. EU) such as anti-nationalism and racism, social democracy and freedom of thought. Some of us, without thinking it thoroughly, support that politician, because in our minds, fear has won its battle against reason. We let the politician deal with unpleasant matters such as political backlashes and in exchange we give that politician our support and the authority he/she wants.

It is in our nature, it is easier; the way we like it. We should be thankful that the above-mentioned ''some of us'' is not ''the ''most of us.''

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