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The Climate Change Price

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Ubwiza Chiyungi
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The price to pay for climate change is a debatable topic between developed and developing nations. As I who lives in Zambia, a developing nation striving to achieve and mitigate climate change effects, in spite of the very little damage that has occurred in relation to Climate Change in the country. The fact that government has a strong desire to be part of fixing the problem is a good a sign.

The price to pay for Climate Change is still concerning for the country like Zambia because the funding for Climate Change comes from developed nations. It still lacks the technology and projects needed to implement the measures to reduce the effects, for instance the 2015, water level crisis that lead to the shortage of electricity due too much depends on Hydro-power.

The Ministry of Finance in Zambia, Felix Mutati in March 2017 said that Climate Change is a reality and the government will encourage investment in sustainable practices such as renewable energy, climate-smart agriculture and more.

Committing to Climate Change promotion and creation of green jobs is just a one of parts to deal with the problem. Accessing the funds to do this is another. The funds are needed to uplift the livelihoods of the people.

So countries like Zambia have a long road to paying for Climate Change especially when developed countries choose not to play their part. It even adds more pressure on developing nations.

The price of Climate Change is not meant to be denied, debated or ignored but all nations need to work together to pay the price needed to stop further damage to our planet.

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