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The beauty of the environment and the evils of society

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Jonathan Levy
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Pure Nature - Photo taken by Me

Pure Nature - Photo taken by Me

A cloud is above us.

No, this isn’t the life giving wonder we have all come to love. This is a new cloud that has used its God-given powers to smother the true meaning on life.

This cloud is also referred to as society. Society has placed us into a standard that we are obliged to keep even though we never signed a waiver giving it permission. This unnecessary aspect of society has limited us from being our true happy selves as we are continuously mocked and judged for the way we were born to act.

But yet we still believe we are in control of our lives even though we let a inanimate object whose sole purpose is to improve our daily lives subconsciously hold us captive. We can’t leave the house without it, we can’t locate anything without it, we can’t communicate without it, we can’t FUNCTION without it. Our lives are being controlled by something that can’t even choose right from wrong yet we live by it, yet we swear by it.

That is why we must go into nature. Dare I say, that is why we must protect nature. Nature is the only place where one can be liberated from the compressing standards of society and live the life they were entitled to. Live the life we are ALL entitled to. No clutter, no stress, no distractions only beauty, fine, crisp beauty. Nature has no standards, it accepts everyone and all are welcome to enjoy its gifts. But at the rate we are going, these gifts will soon expire and life as we know it will change forever. So go out, explore, get dirty, be free, and respect nature.

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