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Thank You

no picture Cailey Larmore
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Do you feel it?

The pulse beating in the side streets,

Haunting our TV screens,

Pounding in my head as I speak

Because there’s so much to do

I should write this down soon

I’m always short of precious time

Caffeine fueled, needing that American Dream, right?

One of my beloved elementary teachers told me

That Santa Clara used to be all trees

All fruit, all leaves,

All orchard, all around

Until the wildlife was severed from the ground

But not on purpose! that’s just the way it evolved

Besides, we need technology to solve

All the problems Mother Earth alone couldn’t.

Suddenly, the trees in rows

Fell as glass and metal buildings arose

The world interconnected,

Infected by life contained in glass screens

That too easily shatters, but still can’t hear the screams

When the words are just inhuman pixels

Instead of intimate, vulnerable whispers

The generations before me wanted to provide

More opportunities to enjoy a better life

So they built up a world that lives in phones

Where hearts reside instead of in homes

I’m told it should be easy

The world’s secrets are at my literal fingertips

So why can I not work faster? Live faster?

We are living at a faster rate

Repeating senseless cycles every day

Learning replaced by regurgitation of information

Weekends swallowed by work instead of vacation

I’m patient, but it’s wearing thin

As my browser cannot load

I’m so used to having everything one Google search away

I was beginning to think I was entitled to live through today

Until I read some bad news, but then put it away

Desensitized to pain in others’ lives

My parents didn’t raise me to be this way

So why am I desensitized, sleep-deprived

Dragged through days, can barely survive?

But thank you, Bay Area

I love the great weather and food you provide

Thank you Bay Area

You give so many people better lives

Thank you Bay Area

You have taught me that to compete and succeed

Are both worth achieving even as I bleed

Thank You Bay Area

Who knew you could run on four hours of sleep

Half of less than what I’m told I need?

Thank you Bay Area

I am now incapable of having fun

Because if I’m not productive,

I do not fulfill my purpose.

Thank you, Bay Area

I know I sound mad

And I guess I kind of am, but

You’ve given me so much

That I can never give back.

Do you feel it?

The drumbeat beating within your being

As you rush to class during passing period

That’s the heart of Silicon Valley—

Always pressed for precious time

Because you need that American Dream, right?

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