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This is one of the infamous questions which you have or will come across in almost every job interview. And this also happens to be the very question that most people struggle to figure out, especially how to begin their response. In this post I have shared some tips to help people answer this particular question. (The content is open for any and every opinion.)

1. Start by briefly telling the interviewer about your basic relevant details like your name, education qualification, professional experience and current job profile.

2. Understand your interviewer’s mindset-

If your interviewer shows no interest in your content, share with them something unique like an amazing experience you had (but avoid long story telling). Share anything that will help you gain their interest back in the conversation.

If your interviewer shows interest in your content, elaborate on your skills and achievements. Tell them about the events which show your leadership qualities, creativity, and interests. If you are not interrupted by then, brief them about your interest in the job profile you are applying for.

I hope this is of some help to you. I am no expert so I always learn from trial and error. We should be enthusiastic to learn from our experiences and upgrade our self for the next big thing.

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