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Talking “About Charity” : Should we blame the Poverty?

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Rudianto enjoys his meals.

Rudianto enjoys his meals.

Talking about “About Charity” in our debate I have something that I really want to share with you.

A few days ago I went to a convenience store to have a lunch and when I enjoyed my meals, there was a boy standing right in front of me begging for money. Instead of giving him some money, I asked him to take a seat and having lunch with me. He had refused because he wanted to take his lunch at home, so that he could have lunch with his mom. A little desire from a boy, makes me more interesting about him and his life. With a little wooing, I got his trust. He looks really starving and ate heartily. I try to get lots of information from him, about his family, school, friends and why did he decide to beg for money in the street.

His name is Rudianto (8 years old), his family and friends called him Rudi. He was born in Jakarta and have a brother named Pandu (14 years old) and a sister named Ayu (12 years old). His dad passed away when he was at 6 years old or about 2 years ago and since that time, Rudi and his sister decided to quit from school because their family didn’t have enough money to support their education. His mom just a maid with the slight salary which is just enough to pay Pandu’s school fees and rent a small house. Pandu is the oldest son so that his mom decided to support Pandu’s education needs.

He lives in Cengkareng, West Jakarta with his family and went to South Jakarta by public transportation to find some money. The distance between his place to my place is about 28.1 km. You can take a look and go to this link or this link to find out the distance. As I said before, he told me that almost every day he goes to South Jakarta by public transportation and he pays for it like an office worker. His mom had set the areas for Rudi and Ayu. Rudi operated in the South and West Jakarta and Ayu in North and East Jakarta. They should return to home at 3 pm. Yea, it was really well organized. Rudi also said that he can’t go home if he didn’t get lots of money.

I know, he actually a smart and good boy. He answered every question clearly and in a good way, with a good choice of words. At his age, he knows how to act really good in front of people and I really sad because he need to do this job; begging for money in the streets, going far from home and worst is he didn’t go to school. He has also had lots of friends that are working on the streets just like him. I just can’t believe the deficiencies in their economic life or in simple words “a poverty” can make a mother hired her children. Life isn’t something to blame, because I also believe that everyone does have their own life and problems and how it works depending on how they live it. I think his mother has to exploit Rudi and Ayu as beggars because they need food and drink to stay alive and that’s why education isn’t something important to them.

With this post, I just want to remind you and myself that Rudi just one of so many children in this world that have to quit from school and begging for money in the streets to support their life and their family. Their desires are really simple, have a place to sleep and food for eating. In this case, I have no idea “who is to blame”? Well, blame Rudi’s mom? A woman with 3 kids that she needs to support with slight salary and have no husband? Or blame the Government? I don’t know, but they absolutely have lots of problems which they need to solve wisely including poverty and the effect of poverty. Or blame the poverty? Is that a fate or peoples choice? I still have no idea. But something that I really know is, there are so many creative and intelligent youth in this world who obviously really care about child welfare in every aspect and I so want to be a part of those youth. I really happy if you are willing to share your story about children and poverty and making something great for this world, something creative and full of responsibilities with the youth touch.

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