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Some of us have strings wound around our bones and souls stretching into the sky,

Some of us have threads in the clouds and woven into the space between the stars,

And then there's me.

And maybe you.

We have strings and strings and strings, woven together among each other.

We have memories we can't let go of, that won't let go of us, that always pull on us.

I have a rope coiling through my ribs that's tied to the earth, jars my heart with its tug.

Something that tears me apart, I tear myself apart. I walk anyway, breaking myself to break my anchor.

I move long past when I should have fallen dead, bleeding from old scars and fears.

Unkillable. Spitting death out in dark mouthfuls.

I look around me through my torn eyelids and see a million others just like me.

But we don't talk.

Don't dare meet each others' eyes or hear each others' screams.

Instead we cast our eyes to the sky and wind strings around the stars.

We just look at those and keep fighting the rest.

As the hate and self loathing pull us down, the love holds us up.

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