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Street Man

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Reeya Pokharel
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His hands are rough, his face is covered with a beard. He wears dirty clothes and a torn pair of shoes. He smells bad and doesn't have a house to live in. He doesn't have family or friends. Kids are afraid of his appearance. People call him mad, they even hit and humiliate him.

He sleeps on a footpath and sometimes in the corners of big buildings and walls. He eats whatever he gets. He survives by begging, by eating the expired foods given by the people, and sometimes even from the garbage. He feels bad when he sees people living their normal lives, enjoying time with their families and friends. He wishes he could also live a normal life like others. But, the truth is that he is a street man and he can't afford to live his life like others.

We come across many street people in our daily lives. Some may be suffering from mental illness; some may have been thrown out from their homes; some may be addicted to drugs, etc. There may be many other reasons as well. But we shouldn't forget that they are also humans. Help them if you can, and if you cannot, do not hurt or humiliate them. Give them a friendly smile instead of expired foods. Your small act of kindness can make a huge difference in their lives.

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