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He never realized the impact he had on her

Him and his friends calling her an ugly pig day after day

She never used to hate herself

So why did she now?

She hid it at first

The number on the scale became her religion

But it went up and down like a yo-yo

So she gave in

She took her last bite of food for the week

Knowing it was deliberate

And not because she didn’t have the access

The demons in her head wanted to play

7 days go by

She still hasn’t eaten

Her body screams out for help

But the demons tell her not to listen

She fills the void

Eating everything in sight

She feels guilty

So she starves again

This happened again



She starved then binged

She never knew it was bad for her

People kept telling her it was

She never listened

The demons rang louder than the voices

Her closest friend

He caught on

She only ever believed him

He told her she needed help

She was too scared to reach out

Dealt with it on her own

She overcame her demons

But some things never stay away


Small word with a large meaning

The demons only stayed away for two weeks

This academic prison made the demons stronger

The judgement of others

Can make things worse

Inhale and exhale

It never works

She never eats

She never breathes

Her anxiety so high

The weekend wasn’t even a break anymore

She pretends she’s okay

Convincing everyone and herself that she is

She snaps every other week

Breaking down inside

She never lets it show

The demons are back and in full force

They won't let up

No matter how hard she tries

She lies to everyone that cares

If anyone even cares

It’s as if her body were eating her from the inside out

Like a parasite ripping through her body

Mental Strain

Physical Strain

She’s slowly killing herself

Without even realizing

She’s still not okay

And no matter how much she fakes

She feels she will never be okay

And she still hates herself

There’s still hope

Even when it seems that all hope is gone

There are still people who believe in her

And, even though she doesn’t think she does, she still believes in herself

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