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Start with yourself!

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We often stress the importance of smiling at our friends or waving to a distant neighbor. We feel good when we help an older person or when we play with little children. Despite this, I no longer see us taking the time to interact with each other!

Perhaps what inspired me to write this article is that we are aware of the importance of the individual to society, and that the individual cannot grow apart from his community. He needs friends and family to stand with him in pain and joy. What we do today is very different from what we know, and just few of us take the necessary steps to remedy it.

We separate from our society and take our mobile devices as close friends. This is turning us into introverted beings and is severing every link that connects us to society... although we are using "social networking sites!"

We are separated from each other even though we sit in one room! It is no longer meaningful to talk with each other in the middle of the night. We don't enjoy the tales of grandma anymore. Our improper use of these devices make us cancel the real communication link which is more meaningful than the virtual communication link. Friends' sessions are not complete without our mobile phones and taking pictures, and then we say that we are happy for simply sitting with our phones! The examples go on.

This separation also makes us lose our association with nature. The sound of rain does not mean anything if we do not "share the moment" on these sites.

Our separation from our real world and our drowning in virtual sites has made us more acute, nervous and aggressive beings. Many of us no longer smile at our friends or neighbors when we walk by because we are communicating with our friend who is already on the opposite street. We are losing the happiness we felt in the past. We sit in a wonderful garden and do not enjoy the scenery. A child passes by and we do not play with him because we did not see him! We can say that we are going into an adventure, but we end up spending more time documenting the route!

You must be aware that you are not separate from nature in its full strength! Try to forget your mobile phone one day and enjoy life, unite with nature, with its trees and birds. Go to a distant place without documenting the journey, watch the sunset and keep the snapshot in your heart before your phone. Try to live in the moment without telling anyone! Try to unite with the real things on your side, to smile at the face of a distant neighbor and play with the little children. These small actions can create a feeling of love in the soul of people you care about. The moment leaves, yes, but the supreme feeling of love remains within you, for you.

Start with yourself!

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