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Free source: Photo by Eugene Shelestov from Pexels

Free source: Photo by Eugene Shelestov from Pexels

This is the phrase that paralyzes the victim,

On the terms of the perpetrator,

Don't talk; he says,

If you want to live another day.

Wasters of destiny they are,

Gratifying their lust, with the scream of the innocent.

This is the last time he promised,

But walked in through the same door, he shut the previous night.

Your phones lie fallow, blinking at you to call for help,

Your vocal cords vibrate, hoping you would make the noise of liberation,

But fear tells you it's safer to keep silent,

Society beckons to you to let sleeping dogs lie,

it’s a family issue, they mutter,

And not for the court of law.

At the end of the long night,

The victim bows to the voice of silence,

And dresses the wound with consolation of revenge,

While the perpetrator walks away gallantly,

Celebrating another prey shut in silence.

When we lose our voice,

We lose our rights and freedom.

The first thing he took away from you was not your virginity,

Neither was it your sexuality,

Rather he took your voice first,

Your will to fight back,

Your right to live free.

Policies are written already,

Bills passed into law,

But there is no evidence to awaken them,

No voices to call them to action.

We do not seek revenge but justice.

Would you lend your voice to fight this cause.

Would you awaken the silence within you




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