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Soulfully, A Butterfly

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Soulfully, A Butterfly
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We are in the age of beauty,

In the age of fitness,

And all things "mighty".

But what's mighty,

If we build walls?

If we can be 'social',

But hide our emotions?

How can we stand tall,

With the wrong notions,

As our status?

We all talk,

But what needs to be spoken,

Is kept silent.

We are no longer an amalgam,

But each to oneself,

Is a galaxy,

Spiraling away,

From discovery.

We cocoon our ideas,

In fear of the air.

Our souls are chained,

By the silence.

Into a hollow darkness,

We were almost doomed,

By the unspoken.

But out came Psyche,

A Butterfly,

And a soul.

Breaking down,

Cocoons and Chains,

Everything which has started to become lame.

No air can sweep away,

The seed of freedom,

Without giving a way.

And a butterfly today,

Waves out a new age,

............. An age of acceptance.

You are welcome,

- Soulfully, A Butterfly.

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