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Somebody else, out there, needs you

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Migrants being helped up a boat by rescue personnel.

Migrants being helped up a boat by rescue personnel.

"Dearest Daddy,

It’s the day today...the one that we talked about so much, when I was still your girl, that you wouldn’t let out of your sight.

Your little baby that could run and sit on Daddy’s lap and tell him what was on her mind, without having to think twice.

Your little princess that you wanted to get her own prince that would treat her right, just like she deserves.

Well, I guess she grew up now, so fast...hmm

And met a very cute guy, Dax, that blew her mind and convinced her that he was her best bet to live through her olden days through, with.

I’m married now...that is, by the time you read this.

If wishes were horses, I’m certain you could be, right here, on the front row, smiling so proudly as you give me away to my love, Dax, just as we used to imagine and talk about it.

But I guess our plans didn’t merge and reconcile so well…somebody at sea needed you, for their life depended on it, to have them pulled up and towed in your boat.

I know, for sure, that you’re the one person I’m so proud of…

For your selflessness and “never-give-up” attitudeof getting to see that everybody makes it ashore, in one piece.

That’s the thing that I love and admire the most about you.

All the years you’ve spent.

At sea, saving people that are too knocked out to figure out that they are drowning to their graves.

With me, anxiously waiting back home.

In the living room.

On the TV set.

With the remote hanging by a thread in my shaking hand.

Mummy, Elsa and Uncle John are more nervous than I am, on most occasions.

Even when they try so much to keep calm for my sake.

You know, sometimes I do burst out in tears, when watching these flicks of heroes like you that give their lives to save others, their families, generations.

I just can’t wait for them to return safely back shore, to their loved ones, as well.

Hmm…I guess that’s what happens when you’re the daughter of a sea hero, huh? can’t imagine how bad I wanted to tell you all this, in person, Daddy.

After all these days.

Just seeing each other and talking on Skype.

To have that opportunity of being with my two biggest loves of men, in my life, hand in hand.

If it were up to me, I could just have our wedding at sea, with you and the rest of the crew, as our witnesses...

I will have to end here with my love for you, Daddy.

Dax’s been screaming out for me, to come check out the cake…

Gosh, I love you two…

Better head back to the top.

Look out in the ocean and the smaller boats out there.

I’m sure somebody else, out there, needs you at this moment, Daddy.

I love you so much.


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