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She knows she can...

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Free source: Pexels

Free source: Pexels

She reached out her small hand,

Trying to fit in every star in the sky.

But they told her that she can’t,

Because somehow she is just a girl.

She wants to be perfect and good,

With all the make-up and nice hair.

She wanted to earn the highest grade,

that her parents expect her to get.

They said she should work harder,

Unaware of the effort she put in there.

She cries when no one is watching,

Screams when no one is listening.

Because she didn’t want to pull off the perfect mask,

That had been fitted nicely on her face.

But one day she just couldn’t take it,

All the judgement and the disappointment.

She wrote a letter to say goodbye,

Found a rope and got a chair.

But at the last moment she cried,

Knowing that she is not ready to die.

She didn’t want her life to end like this,

Didn’t want her blood flowing in her vein,

To be the only A+ she could give.

She shed her tears and kept everything,

She stood up taller than before,

Knowing that she is ready to handle all the storms,

No matter what they say,

She knows that someday,

The stars will fit into her hand...

If you are contemplating suicide, know it is never the answer. Please reach out to a trusted adult or organization for help right away and visit:

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