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She is strong

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Imon Ganguly
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Sitting by myself under the open sky,
overwhelmed by the thoughts of you.
You left me alone when I needed you the most.
You broke my heart and what's more traumatic are your memories which keep me awake all night,
making me feel worthless and unlovable.
I can remember the good memories we had together...
We talked for hours, laughing and crying,
sharing secrets with each other.
We held hands, hugged and kissed
surpised each other with small things.
We watched movies, cuddled under a blanket,
ate popcorn and played pillow fights in the morning.
You called me your angel and made me feel special.
You taught me things that I never knew before.
We sang Shape of You and danced together in the rain...
On the first day of spring we met for the third time and
You proposed with a diamond ring and asked me to marry you and I said yes.
I sacrificed my friends and family
and left all dreams I had since childhood.
I tried to love you and keep you happy.
Yet you whipped me with your strap and tortured me in every possible way,
Secretly you loved my best friend Lily and left me and our daughter all alone.
I soon started writing and became popular around the world.
I live at my dad's home earning enough to keep my family happy.
Today is yet again the first day of spring
and I am sitting at our favourite spot, on the roof thinking
Do you treat her the way you treated me?

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