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Seeking for a Change in Life

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This is an article written by a 22 year old woman residing in Bangalore, India. She is writing this to let the world hear her wish.


She was born to a good hearted couple- ambitious father and kind mother- and had a younger brother. Her parents did not receive a formal education, but chose to learn from life. Her father came to Bangalore from a remote village and started working day and night with all the energy he could gather to succeed in life (success is different for different people - he wanted to improve his standard of living). He married a young 15-year-old girl who was born in a poor family (monetarily poor but rich in kindness, empathy and self respect). She started working at the age of 7 to help her poor mother (who used to get abused by her husband for money to buy alcohol); yet she always kept high spirits to give her family a good life.

This newly wed couple rented a small place in Bangalore and starting earning their living through hard work and making a lot of adjustments. The husband was very strict and orthodox, while the wife was kind to understand her husband and always dreamt of a better living. The wife had a poor health condition and her in laws and relatives blamed her for it as she was expected to give birth at that young age.

After 3 years of struggle and prayers they gave birth to a baby girl and that baby girl is the author of this article. They were happy and were blessed with another child, a baby boy. The couple used to work hard and decided to educate their children and look to them for a better future.

Baby girl to a Woman-

Neither the baby girl nor the parents were aware that she would face major life challenges, but remain resilient and strong.

She endured sexual abuse and harassment; but she had the courage to face these issues and continued to be kind and positive to change her life.

The baby girl is now a 22-year-old woman. After experiencing this trauma, she is dealing with the pain of being violated from someone she trusted and losing the confidence of her family (seeing her as someone going down the wrong path).

She is working hard, learning from her mistakes, getting praises from people in her life and growing with a lot of hopes. She realized to treasure all the love and care from her parents, brother, boyfriend and friends and decided to prove her potential and gain their trust and confidence.

Her wish is for the world to listen to her lifestory.

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