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Section 377 no more

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navreet brar
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By Thomas Quaritsch via Unsplash

By Thomas Quaritsch via Unsplash

Today I spot the brightest rainbow and a smiling sun in the grey skies. Today India restores humanity. From today nobody will have to doubt their individuality, but love with no boundaries.

The important thing is that in the end it's love that has won.

This step is not a fully won battle but a big achievement for a better and a glorified future for the nation. Sexual orientation, gender, caste, race doesn't define us - we are all humans and deserve equality in all spheres of life.

The decision of the supreme court for decriminalizing section 377 gives a ray of hope to the suppressed breath of the LGBT community of India. At the same time it's a bigger hope to the rest of the nation, that in the times to come this nation might give better judgement to other prime concerns.

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