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Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

The discussion on art and its importance can go on for pages and pages. Its richness and value demand being explained precisely and in detail. However I, as every other efficient and urban millennial*, will spill its essence over this roughly one page blog post. You, as another busy, modern-age "scroller’’, will want to read something concise and captivating. I promise I’ll take only 5 minutes of your time.

(You can start the clock... now.)


04:59 minutes

Art is digital for us. I admire and analyze pieces of art through my carry-on gadgets. I watch ballet performances on YouTube and search 'Michelangelo’s Pieta’ on google in order to write a paper for my class. And then I proudly say I know renaissance works of art. But do I really?

Surely, all the information and material available to us through the internet provide us with a wider knowledge of the world’s art and culture. It’s a tool we use to get a glimpse into some of the creations and ideas that shaped our society. From classical music to Picasso and Neruda’s love sonnets, we live in a world where we can virtually access the, intellectually, most remarkable works of geniuses’ minds. It may not be an experience as exciting as seeing Picasso’s Guernica in person, but it’s a step closer to understanding cultural differences and historical backgrounds. It introduces us to all that was before, that is now and that might be tomorrow. Art’s an escape but it’s a lesson too. Only though, if one fully understands it and doesn’t just scroll through.

We’re used to viewing tons of virtual content daily we hardly get a chance to appreciate and valuate. World’s most revolutionary works are a click away and, to us, clicking on them is the same as clicking ’’cancel’’ on a pizza order. As much as it brought art closer and made it more accessible, the digital age also made it plain for us. It is something I believe we don’t value enough and is perhaps to me the only real measure of human’s inventive capacities, ones that envision ideal worlds and come up with groundbreaking discoveries.

Museums, galleries, theaters and concert halls: I doubt many millennials today visit these, the first and foremost, educational institutions, that are fundamental for sparking up ideas in our heads, so we don’t keep on pressing the 'home button’ all day long. We snap photos and tag places, so we at least seem culturally refined. We know art matters, we are aware of its didactic purpose, yet we still rely on internet bars to give us an opinion and a summary of a book for literature class.

In this fast-moving age of computers and cables, we seem to be falling behind. It seems that millennials don’t think, they don’t read or go to theater. They do Instagram and Facebook, which seem to be the art of 21st century. Well, as a specimen of the group, I protest.

I believe in holding a book and spending hours over a page trying to leap into the writer’s era in order to relive it. I believe in hashtags that popularize museum exhibitions and modern art galleries. I am convinced that a 3-act ballet will provide a millennial with more beauty and emotional roller coaster than a supermodel’s makeup tutorial and a reality show will. I know that there is deep and raw meaning behind art, whether experiencing it in person or through a 5 inch screen, that is more exhilarating than anything else in the world. Humans are artworks themselves, when in their natural state, as tabula rasa, and whatever they make of themselves and their surroundings can only be called art in its purest form.

I believe we are a generation given the opportunity to be a part of the world’s cultural scene, wherever we are located. We can explore and learn whatever we wish to. Art is not a luxury only privileged can afford with money or power; art is, for millennials today, a luxury they can have whenever and wherever they wish to, only if they put their thoughts into it.

The world has progressed too much and it is on us, millennials, to adapt accordingly. It doesn’t mean buying another screen touch watch or the latest Iphone, it means using all the digital and modern technology for something meaningful. And there is nothing more meaningful than art: all human experience and emotion, time, space and history put into a single verse/melody/step/strike of a brush.

’’Millennially’ speaking, besides from this article, I know what my next google search will be.

00:00 minutes.

*millenial: referring to millennials, post-millenials, generation Z or/and iGeneration, depending on the constantly changing definitions

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