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Scoring a goal at a time....

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Goals in life

Goals in life

I’ve been reading this book, for some time now.

It’s called Grit.

And I’ve fallen in love with it.

You might be wondering what it’s about…

It talks about persistence, talent, passion, a duty of commitment…and GOALS!

And how we achieve them.

I'd like to begin with asking what your definition of a goal is.

And what importance it carries.

Have you ever woken up one day, and all you’re thinking and seeing and breathing is a moundof tasks, hurdles, ditches and gentle slopes?

All these elements put together, thought out well, as part of a strategy, will lead you to a much bigger picture, your goal.

That’s how I define the term goal.

At some point, this kind of vision and sight into things has crossed your mind, right?

Having seen that young person cruising in that Bentley and you were like, “I’ll drive one better 5 years from now”.

Or seen a huge need for clean fresh water back at home and you made up your mind, “no more suffering for us as we strive to have some clean water”.

Or seen some very gross injustice happening and you, geared up to see to it that this never happens again.

I’ll ask you this…What happened next?

Did you begin to actually see your goal in life, come to life?

Or did you just give it all up, altogether, for your old life?

If you haven’t taken that first step, there’s some time for you, provided you’re still alive.

Otherwise, there’s that ultimate goal of yours that you keep your eyes on steadily.

So, before you set out to pick that fancy item, ask yourself how you intend to get to it.

Is it a sustainable way?

Is it legal?

Is it a path you love and can protect with your life?

Not forgetting…do you have somebody to guide you on this journey?

Somebody you can trust to get the job done?

Somebody to take you on as a mentor? Hhhmm….

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