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#SaveAleppo: Help Save our Humanity

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Raise our voices to #SaveAleppo.

Raise our voices to #SaveAleppo.

The cries of civilians in east Aleppo have been silenced by the deafening sound of bombs that course through every medium of sound, reverberating in the minds of the innocent.

The situation in Syria has taken a turn for the worst. Though a ceasefire deal has been reached, the attacks have continued, leaving civilians trapped in the rubble of an uncertain and harrowed future. The antithesis between the severe plight that those in Aleppo are facing and the comfortable lives that we live in is truly unfathomable. While these strong survivors are fighting to live to see another day, we are tucked in safe, warm beds at home with enough food to eat and shelter over our heads. And yet, all we can do is to condemn the atrocities with #SaveAleppo hashtags or make donations to various charities and organisations, without even knowing whether the supplies and medical aid we are funding will even reach the beleaguered in time. We sit in our plush seats, scrolling through Bana Alabed’s Twitter account, eyes glued to the screen and fervently praying for her to send a new update. In the midst of destruction and death, she is the flame that has kept our hope alive. But sometimes, hope just isn’t enough.

We need enforcement. We need to demand that our politicians and leaders ensure that they provide our brothers and sisters in Syria with a safe passage. Our hope must manifest into concrete, tangible action, lest it sizzles into the dying embers of our humanity.

Our voices may seem insignificant. But if we continue to call for greater change together, we can make a unified difference. Continue spreading the world through social media to raise awareness on this issue. Continue tweeting with urgent, impassioned calls to urge for greater action. But do not remain silent, because silence in the face of evil is evil itself.

We must stand together with our Syrian brothers and sisters as they turn their faces towards the stormy skies for brighter days ahead.

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