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Save the Children of Syria


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Credits: Olivier Laban Mattei

Credits: Olivier Laban Mattei

The Syrian War: a time of despair for the people of Syria that began with a small protest. No one knew that this little protest would result into one of our time’s biggest issues, taking the lives of more than 100,000 people. Political issues have blinded the people of Syria, causing the destruction of the country. Violence has now gone berserk, endangering the lives and future of more than three million Syrian children. The children will not only suffer from physical pain, but they will also suffer from emotional trauma.

I am utterly surprised by the ignorance of society regarding this issue. Many people are blinded by wealth, and not giving even the slightest glance to the ones who are in dire need of help and support. How can people spend $800 on a pair of shoes, when most of the children in Syria walk from place to place barefoot with their billowing feet? How can people spend $100 on a meal, when most of the children in Syria are enduring their hunger? How can people be so fixated on what they have and the things they want, but don’t need, when receiving a small portion of rice is considered a blessing to the Syrian children.

These children deserve to have a normal life. Imagine little Syrian girls having to see explosions around them and hear the screams of people when they should be playing with dolls and playing dress-up together with their friends. Imagine little Syrian boys having to see blood-filled streets and smell the brutal scent of violence when they should be playing soccer with their friends. Imagine 17-year-olds having to protect their brothers and sisters from men with firearms when they should be going to school to receive a proper education. One of the Syrian children said that he saw his friend being executed right in front of him. Another child said that he was tortured, hung and beaten. Should children feel this kind of pain and witness this kind of terror?

Don’t let our ignorance hinder these children from receiving the happiness they deserve. Let’s give them a helping hand. Let’s give them a better future.

To donate, please click one of the links below:

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