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Save it now

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Diana Rose
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Free source: Pexels

Free source: Pexels

Are you uncomfortable with what's going on in our world and frustrated on what the right actions to address them are? It's easy to be concerned, but being involved is a different thing. Involvement comes with the word "responsibility" and many of us can't take the associated time and effort.

Today I feel that global issues are not taken seriously by people who choose to drag their life just to live and die. A kind of living where people work everyday to earn money for their family and find happiness through luxury items. I believe we must think that we can find a more meaningful and fulfilling reason for us to continue our life. Our existence has its own deep meaning if we can look beyond our typical aspects of life.

I know how hard it is to imagine that we can change the world. But what's the right way for us to begin? Dream! For me, it is the best way to start, because...yes, sometimes dreams referring to an impossible outcome can push us and others to do hard work just to achieve it.

That's why you should rely on yourself to make meaningful changes happen. You will find all the benefits that you can get by doing this. We are all living here, making things possible, causing and experiencing things, turning our lives more meaningful. Don't ruin this world... don't be ashamed to imagine yourself as a change-maker. It's a must. It is our planet. There is no time left to waste. Save it now!

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