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Reforming My Education System

no picture Naqvi
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Its been a year and a half since I have been studying BS Electrical engineering, although I still need to auto correct the spelling of "engineering". The institute I attend is one of the top engineering universities in Pakistan, but its sad that even in one of the best institutes, I feel that the students are treated like robots.

In the early morning we have to go through strike security measures and then a dress code check. However, I believe the problem is not with all these rules, but the behavior of staff with students, it's humiliating. Many of them will insult you in front of everyone. It seems like there is no freedom of speech or expression and, most importantly, if you have made any faculty member your enemy, your life is ruined. It feels like you cannot do anything about it because in my society "teachers are always right". It appears that at school no one cares whether you chose this field on your own desire or if you were forced to do so. Once you are in an Engineering university you have to get highest grade.

So that's my story. I want everyone who reads this to help me improve my education system by giving information on and examples of their universities.

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