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Redeem yourselves Ambassadors

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When are you going to act?

When are you going to act?

If God is with us right now, seeing what is happening to His creations, what would He be telling us? To us whom He made ambassadors to take over and secure the things He has created.

If I was asked, my answer and at the same time, my guess would be, that we may hear a million words from Him because of what we are doing. Looking at our environment today, we cannot deny that it’s quite far from what it was before. Beautiful trees, blooming flowers and green grasses are often out of sight. Tall mountains, beautiful pastures and food-giving animals are now disappearing. What is trending right now are the following: deforestation, mining and others. But above all these things, cutting down trees is the act that makes me really disappointed.

Many Filipinos are aware with what is happening to our roads and highways. Road widening is a main project, and in order to make it happen, hundreds and thousands of trees are being sacrificed and cut. They are cut off and kicked out from the place they lived and grew thousand years ago. Who would have thought, these ideascome from the minds of people whom God trusted to secure, develop and protect the belongings He had left to satisfy our needs.

We are witnessing our trees being replaced on the mountain tops. They are replaced with buildings and infrastructures for trade and commerce to invest for more money and income. Can you just imagine what is actually happening to our environment now? Do all these things make sense to anyone? Are we all not guilty of what will be the result to our impulsiveness and insensitiveness? Our hearts must have already been hardened and our eyes were already covered by money and self-interests to realize all these things.

Generations of generations will come after us, dealing with the things we did, with all the disturbances we started, what will they do when it is finally their time to take over? We must think we are very lucky that the Lord our God gave us the opportunity to live on earth to enjoy life and its benefits. But with the things we are doing today, God is surely disappointed. I just hope that these notions will change the minds of people who are making such mess with our environment. With our little ways of planting trees and segregating waste, it would be possible for us to save what have been destroyed. We should not only look out for ourselves, but the future generations who are also entitled to the benefits of the earth.

And if this happens, we will be able to redeem ourselves in the eyes of the Lord God and He will probably look on us with smile, again.

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