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Problems in Society


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Yesterday my class and I were given the assignment to write a text about a problem or problems in society we’d like to solve or make a difference and why and how we’d like to do so.

The hardest part was to pick a topic amongst all the problems in society. But I’ve minimised my interests to two quite current problems occurring in every society in this world.

Problems in our society I wish I could solve are racism and discrimination against the LGBTQ community.

I have put these two topics together because both of those social problems are caused by people who in my opinion think similarly.

Let me elaborate further what I mean.

To me, xenophobes and homophobes have the same pattern of spreading their opinion.

They talk a lot and without actually saying anything.

They discriminate against people for no rational or equitable reason and if you go up to them and ask them to justify themselves racists will say that they base their opinion on skin colour, language and/ or religion. They ‘profile’ us without any actual knowledge about us, just like that.

If you ask homophobes they’ll tell you that not being heterosexual is unnatural, no questions asked.

These so called “reasonable arguments” are nothing but absolutely inhumane!

So, I’ve noticeably addressed these people as “xenophobes” and “homophobes” since those are the actual terms used for these people. In both terms you find the word “phobia” which translates into “fear” and that is quite questionable to me.

In other words these people are scared of people who are different to their standards? To me that is sad. Very sad to be honest, how is it possible to live in the 21st century but not have the ability to at least tolerate everyone?

Now as I’ve stated in the beginning we also had to find a solution for the problems we’d talk about and that’s where I had to pause and take a minute.

How do we stop racism and discrimination against the LGBTQ community?

The answer is quite simple really, we can’t.

These people are going to continue to talk loudly, to hate those who are different from them, they will spread highly toxic opinions, they won’t stop.

So we shouldn’t either. We might not be able to convince them that they’re are being extremely cruel, callous and careless but on the other side we don’t have to.

Because we are humans capable of carrying humanity and tolerance within every step we go and as long as we proceed to do so – the LGBTQ community and refugees and immigrants will have a shield of love and equality to not only protect them - but all of us as one from such inhumanity.

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