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Politics can do better than this


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Free source: Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Free source: Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

I am so disappointed. Maybe like many of you, if not all of you, doesn't it make you scratch your head when you see or hear a brazen lie by a politician? Or when politicians actively manipulate their people with propagandizing speech-lines? Or yet and horrifyingly when they commit corruption that steals both public resources and trust? Comrade, we are all tired, aren't you?

This is not to be taken as unmerited criticism, but we all know that some politicians are ever-present parasites feeding and sucking directly from our awfully-limited cognition. They exploit our prejudices and laziness. In other words, our very nature is aiding them, a nature in us that we can change, but unfortunately we don't most of the time. With a tightly barricaded cognitive system (like unprejudiced views), I believe we would not be susceptible to dubious politicians and their dubious claims. But when shall we realize that?

All over the world, politics are often associated with immoral things, but I say it does not have to be that way and it can be much better by upholding a few principles. Often, you might think being honest or not lying is the first thing a politician should have. But I think that will not necessarily translate into better outcomes. However, one important aspect that is very important for any politician to have is a mission (goal) and a meaning behind it. This is the idea, by having a goal for your politics and behind that goal is a big meaning for you and most likely for society, you are already in the road with sufficient energy to sustain you to move along that treacherous journey of fulfilling the goal. And how sweet if your goal is to end poverty or war or abolish racism.

Now, having a goal and meaning is not enough. This is where I would say truthfulness is the building block of your goal and meaning. Truth would make your goal unbreakable and sustaining and without it, it just would not work. I believe these two principles, if found in public leaders, are so obviously important to the general standing of societies.

Today, what the political world lacks is meaning and commitments. Often, it appears leaders are join politics because it just comes to them naturally (without hard work) and getting into it is easier. Others get into it with insidious agendas while some simply are in it unconsciously for the joy and the company. Maybe there are a few good ones, but their importance is greatly undercut and blurred by the doings of the "other side".

I believe with a goal and meaning, we can achieve much better things for this world and generations to come. But yeah if only we could go on an ego-busting adventure of realizing what else better we could do than lining up our pockets and living with an ever-boring status quo. A stagnant status-quo I would say, that is so one-sided, so biased and so unjustified.

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