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Please. It’s a simple statement, just a regular word, in such a confusing world. I ask you to please read and understand if you will.

Please know that in this world full of dark things, that just around the corner is a brightness capable of filling 8 half’s of planets and countless half’s of moons.

Please understand that not all humans are bad, scary things. Of all the people you are yet to meet and the people you might never meet, that person who did those terrible things are an exception - not the norm.

Please believe that there are things in this world worthy of one more smile, one more positive thought. May that be an inocence of a child’s smile, or a flower the perfect shade of red. Or a glimpse of sun on a cold winters day.

Please feel able, and empowered, to be the best version of yourself you can possibly be. Everyone deserves the right to express how they are feeling and who they truly are inside.

Please remember the other people in this world, may they be wealthier or less well off than yourself - everyone deserves kindness and acknowledgement.

And finally, please except the love I am willing to give to each and everyone in this beautiful world.

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