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I'm writing today again. I didn't plan writing but I switched into writing after waiting under the moon for a few hours for you. I'm here under this full blue moon waiting for you. It reminds me of everything about you. You started like the half moon and you were burning with every bit of curiosity and breaking new grounds. You move to being like the full moon and you're nowhere to be found after you became full. I'm beginning to see less of you and I'm afraid you're at the beginning of your ending. You started out with naive optimism but with every passing of time you're shrinking into a shattering disillusion. This is a night in which my feet are trembling and my bones are burning. I'm alone. And all the beats that my heart beats now is that of betrayal. But still I'm writing to you this night again.

I know it's nothing phenomenal to you. You're used to seeing my writings so there's nothing special in seeing me write again. It's like you waking up to seeing the sun daily. It's like seeing the stars every night. It's like you eating everyday. Think of anything that happens daily and that's how it its. I'm not asking you to see it as something phenomenal. But at the end of my writing I'm sure you'll judge or pick the lines you want. Now, that doesn't mean you should fly to the end of this article. Be patient. I remember your attitude of patience. It was glue that held us together. I only hope you've not lost that too. Be patient. Slow and steady wins the race.

So let's start here today. Do you have anything you're consistent about? I know you're consistent in sleeping in the afternoon and you eat everyday but I'm asking of something of eternal impact you do consistently. I'm not saying you should see me as someone phenomenal who's giving a dose of medicine to a sick soul. Thank God, you know from the few years we spent together or we are still spending that I'm a weak soul who only drives strength from the well dug in the heart of a man from Galilee of the heaven's clan. You know. You know. You know that more than anyone else. So see me as that weak vessel crying out loud to its fellow so they can get better.

Just follow me quietly and let's unravel everything I've for you today.

The thing about life is you don't grow if you don't focus on something. And that's how to lose purpose, when you run here and there without any focus. We all know the world is ending on a day we see the moon shining bright in the afternoon. The moon has etched herself in the timing of the night that even a child knows it's only at night and in the sky that we find the moon. See, seeing the moon every time at night and in the sky is not natural as you call it. It's miraculous. But because you're used to it you think it's natural. To the normal human mind, miracle is something that happens once in eons. That's why you don't see the rising and setting of the sun as a miracle. Is there anything more phenomenal about an eclipse than the rising of the sun everyday? Nothing. But because you don't often see an eclipse happen everyday it's like a miracle to you.

The same habit of not seeing anything miraculous about things that happen too often is the same disease pushing you down the lane of ingratitude. You wake up everyday. It happens everyday. So there's nothing phenomenal about it? That mentality saps you of gratitude. What if the routine is seeing someone waking up once in a hundred years, wouldn't you see it as a miracle? Whether it's everyday or a hundred years it's the same thing happening. Be grateful. I'm here to challenge that mentality that has metastasize through your entire being. Forget the law of diminishing return of the economist. See things better. Don't be blinded.

I also heard the same attitude has etched into your relationships. I'm always careful with people of such mentality in friendships. That we're friends for years doesn't make the miracle of that friendship any less. Maybe that's why you don't see anything magical about me again like those early days. That you just met someone glowing doesn't make the others useless. I know this is the order of the human thinking you're used to. But I'm here to challenge it. I know you'll say it's feeding curiosity but if that's what you call curiosity I've moved to another page then. Appreciate people whether they're new or old. There's something magical about each friendship. There's something miraculous in that friend that's stayed for years. There's something him or her you still don't know.

What I'm here to deliver is that there's something miraculous about consistency. It's miraculous and many can't afford it. I'm ripping through the ocean of your mind today to see you engage in the miracle in consistency. Pick up a trade. Master it. Learn it. Focus on it. Don't toss it here and there by the wind of human thinking. If you get bored about your skill it's because you're not tapping into it enough.

I almost wasn't writing this. But remember, we would only be seeds that have failed to water each other if I don't.

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