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Our Full Potentials

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unleashing our potentials is like blooming flowers, they all make the world beautiful.

unleashing our potentials is like blooming flowers, they all make the world beautiful.

(Thoughts based on the experience of a certain historical lecturer. What would become of us if we stopped fretting about fate and focused on our talents, in a bid to make Africa more better?)

The few yawns and doze-offs that she receives from the big audience of three hundred irritates her. She was lecturing the Architectural History course for the fifth time now to the freshman students, and in all sessions, she noted that only a few could maintain their keen up to four hours.

“Historical subjects are no smooth rides especially when subjected to unwilling souls for hundreds of minutes....” she thought. But that didn’t give the students an allowance to snore and wallow away in her classes.

Getting more pissed off, she snapped, “You can’t keep bringing me unsatisfying results to the table simply because you are tied to the norm of studying this course by your faculties’ administrations... You can choose to either opt for other studies of your interest or earn focus and passion in what you are attached to.”

Staring at the hundreds of young fireballs, who were busy wasting away their potential in tied up studies and established paths that they barely had interest in she could not stop thinking about the future of her nation, her state, her world. What would become of them if their lack of passion in their fate-acquired situation grew more?

In many countries now, most of our tertiary institutions are infested with students who pursue studies, not because of passion, but because their achievements earned them those positions. Others do not follow their areas of interest because of the stereotyping nature of perceiving some professional fields as weak and unfruitful.

Dr. Makens’s class issue got me thinking of how our national development and production sectors would bloom if we all gathered our potentials and passions in our favorite positions of career, educational and artistic fields. The miles our economic and social sectors would go if we did not tie our youths to pre-existent stereotypes of culture and norms that do not allow them to exercise their talents in developing and improving our nations.

The world would be better today if the right focus and hard work were focused on the essential things in the areas of our specifications regarding education, industrial performance, and socio-economic positions.

So today, the message should be, “Unleashing our full potentials despite the cultural and administrative restrictions for the sake of a better world, an enhanced economy, a healthier society, and self-development.”

As youths, we should follow the clear channels of developing our full potentials in a bid to create a better workforce in our countries. Passion should not be traded with fate and neither should we live to be tied in factions that we have no interest in.

Know your worth and potential, then breed that to make the world today, our home, a great place.

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