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Our Ever Expanding Universe

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Ayesha Muhammad
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There are 7.6 Billion people in this world. To put that in perspective, there are approximately only 30,000 Starbucks. That's right, a lot of people in the world. And everyone has some sort of goal. Some want to be doctors, other actors, some may want to be astronauts or pilots or scientists or humanitarians. The list is endless. Everyone wants to be something. I live in Pakistan, where the unemployment rate is 5.90 percent, competition for jobs is increasing and people with PhD's are sitting at home because they can't find jobs. And that sounds incredibly scary to me. For a girl with five other siblings, parents struggling with money and a society that doesn't really support working women, what chance do I have of achieving my goal? The statistics depress me at times.

What is my goal? I want to associate myself with the Armed Forces of Pakistan as a psychologist. Usually, their job is to determine aptitude tests and select the candidates best fit to join the Army. Psychology isn't exactly viewed as the best field to opt for career-wise in my country. Many people call them 'wannabe doctors' here but the mind has always intrigued me and I think it always will. And then add the Army into it, the intrigue of it all! It's supposed to be a big honor, being part of the Army here. Imagine choosing the youth that will join it, meeting all these people with inspiring stories. That's the big dream.

But the world isn't a wish-granting factory. It's hard to join the Army, and that isn't even my first milestone. I have to gain admission to a medical school, and not just any medical school, but AMC, the Army Medical College, which is as hard is it can get here. For students whose parents are in the Army, the merit for them drops down to 80% but it's about 90% for civilians, and I am a civilian, which means I have to work harder than people who have associations with the Army. Now I could get admission in AMC, graduate, and then I'd have to begin my specialization in Psychology, and not just pass, but ace it to even be considered by the Army. So, yes, it's hard. Impossible even at times because no matter how much I want to be, I'm no brilliant whiz kid with an enormous IQ.

I've been rambling on about the impossibility of my dream for about four hundred words. The world is limited. I'm a woman. It's not fair. I have no money . . . the complaints never stop, do they? I'm just like many people in this world, drowning in self-woe, wondering what I did to deserve this rotten fate.

But there's a child somewhere whose parents died of disease and he reads scraps of newspapers he finds lying on the street so one day, he can become a doctor.

There's a girl in Guinea that wants to become a writer because she sees these American journalists swoop in and ask her about her life in a war zone so they can share her story with the world.

I have a nephew and two nieces whose mother died a couple of years ago and they have a stepmother who tells them to call her 'Ma'am' and never 'Mom'. They want to change the world.

I had an English teacher in ninth and tenth grade who has a prosthetic leg. Her parents didn't think it would be worth educating her after she grew up with a disability. Now she's got a graduate degree in English Literature and has been teaching for thirteen years.

If that little boy can learn by reading scraps of articles, I can learn with the books my parents buy me.

If that little girl can get inspiration and hope of a future whilst living in a war zone, so can I while living in a home where I'm loved and safe.

If my nephew and nieces can still believe in doing something world-changing mother-less, then I can with a caring mother who wants me to succeed.

If my teacher could do it, then me, with a healthy body and parents that support me: I can educate myself.

Because all the people may not have the same opportunities, the same bodies, the same IQ. But we have the same feelings and minds. We can do anything we want to do. Because the world may not be a wish-granting factory, but it is our ever-expanding universe, with new dreams, new inspirations and new beauty being created and fulfilled every day.

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