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Open letter to the leaders of our world

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Dear Leaders, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings and Queens of this Earth

It is time to speak up, we as the future of this mighty planet have a voice, and our opinion is worth to be heard.

Let me start off by saying thank you. Without your great leadership the world would not look like it does today. BUT there are so many problems that you are unwilling to tackle, for power, money, influence or your own interests, sake. In this open letter to you, the leaders of the free world, I would like to change your mindset and help make this world a better place, for everybody.

1. Stop the war in Syria

Of course I know that the complexity of the situation is not to be underestimated, but war has never been the suitable answer to problems between countries. War does not benefit anybody involved and generally destabilizes the local governments and, even worse, the public. People have spent their lives building up a country in which they can raise their children and live a fulfilled life.

2. Commit to solving climate change

In the long run, we only have one earth, and it is your responsibility to make sure, future generations can benefit from the beauty and power it is providing to all of us. Climate change is one of the biggest threats, you need to commit to renewable energy, stopping coal and nuclear power plants, and reducing the overall carbon footprint for each of your countries.

3. Equality

You need to make sure, to enable an equal opportunity for every citizen in your country. Girls and boys are the future of your country. Blocking girls from pursuing an education does NOT in any way benefit. It destroys your economy and your future. Let girls learn, teach and, even more importantly, LEAD, to change the future of your country.

The World is a place of unbelievable beauty and opportunity. It is here, on this pale blue dot in our solar system, that we thrive to make it a better place. So stop overthinking problems and start acting. Then you will be part of the solution.

With kind regards,


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