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Not a Feminist

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Abeera Aijaz
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I'm a woman, and I'm not a feminist.

It's not because I don't like or respect the idea of feminism, but because it's often misinterpreted, misunderstood and mistaken for something it is certainly not.
Even though feminism is merely a peaceful cause, that begs for fairness, and equal rights for women as men. No branch of feminism is against men, or promotes misandry.

It’s solely a plea to the world, it's only a try, a cry to let women get what they deserve; equality.

But what goes wrong with it is that in many instances, it's mixed with and mistaken for misandry.

Or in certain situations misandrists hide behind the title feminism; when in reality these are two completely different subjects.

One doesn’t have to hate men in order to be a feminist.

But again, I don't want to support a cause, a title that makes any human uncomfortable.

I don’t want to label my fight, give it a name.

For the women who can’t dream, the women whose wings are cut off by unfairness, the ones who aren’t permitted to fly, who are the victims of crucial misogyny and inequality:

I will stand for you, I will pray for you, and I will fight for your rights every day till you get what you deserve; the world.

And for the women who are strong and no obstacle can stop them from achieving their personal goals, who are independent and can fight the injustices:

Our goals should not surround any man’s achievements. Our goals should be higher, and better. If we can all dream, then why should we dream about the things that are already existential? Why should that be the boundary-line? Why not go for the bigger, and better considering our capabilities.

Being like a man shouldn’t be our goal, our goal should be to be better than the best, being a woman.

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