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Nepalese Youths Changing Their Societies

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Scholarship Recipients of 2012.

Scholarship Recipients of 2012.


It is generally said that youths are the key of social transformation. But no one can clarify exactly who are the youth. Some says those individuals who have courage, hard working capacities, dedication, devotion to bring desirable change in society are regarded as youth whatever be their age. This concept is found to be excellent where youth have forgotten their responsibilities of changing the societies and middle aged has actually fulfilled that responsibilities. Although they may not young in age, their spirit is found to be young, their hard working capacities shows that they are still young. If it is so, then why don't we honor those middle aged as Youth? But there are so many wise minds which have given the definition of youth based on age class. For instance UN Generally Assembly and World Bank have recognized individuals of 15-24 age class as Youth. But in general we may define Youth as the time period of life between childhood (Immature stage) and adulthood (mature stage), the period of dream and courage to fulfill those dreams.

Youth population consists of enormous part of world's total population. Thus, thousands of issues related to youths must be discussed for the reason that children and youth are the real driver of tomorrow's world and proof of civilization that we gave to our offsprings.

Youths and Nepal

Like other countries, Nepal also carries huge population of youth. The individuals to whom World Bank defines as youth are regarded as children or very much immature in this country. There is very little population which rarely believes the voice of these youth (individuals’ between-24). So thinking these youth population as unripe, their opinion is generally not responded in any social issues.

But today the time has arrived of burning the old traditional view about youth and establishing modern concept about us in our society. It is not as simple as speaking here. So we should create modern views by our own action rather than by the powerless voice. We all know that authority is grabbed no one gives on requesting. So our action directs us to get both the responsibility and authority, then only we can transform our societies.

What we are doing to transform our societies?

Education is called third eye of human being because it helps us to manage our behavior. An uneducated person may be unmanaged in his/her manner. But education is the governing factor which makes us civilized. In Nepalese societies those who educate others are regarded as more respected than father/mother. It is because father/mother only gives birth to us which animal also do. So those who helps you to gain knowledge teach you how to survive in this competitive world after the birth are really respectful. Education is everything in today's world; it is the strongest weapon of a wise person.

But there are millions of feet which have never entered the class room, there are millions of children who have never imagined how powerful the words of book are. There may be lots of cause behind this. But the most crucial cause is I think poverty. Once I read, I don't know exactly where I read there was a quotation "Education is more necessary than wealth”. But several issues show that they are complementary to each other or one supports to get another to great extent.

Being familiar with this problem We, a group of 13 members formally formed a committee and decided to inaugurate an organization naming "Youth For Every Sustainable Development" and we established a scholarship board of name "Bright Future Scholarship Board" to support those children who is very much intelligent in study but suffering from economic pain, under a program of our organization. We are actively collecting the fund to support the scholarship program. Although we are small in number but we are going to show this world that even a small group of hard working, dedicated, devoted youth can change/transform their world by their sweats and sleepless efforts.

On February 10 we provided this bright future scholarship for two students of Shree Janajyoti Higher Secondary school, Phosretar, Sindhuli. We provided this scholarship of NRS 1000 per head for 2 Scholars. The photographs of scholars is given here. I hope we will be able to sustain this program for long term and also ask for the help of concerned parties to make this scholarship program, a very fruitful one.

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