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My New Year’s Eve


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Somewhere in the middle of writing this, the clock struck 00:00 and the date shifted from 2017 to 2018. Happy new year to you all!

I began the new year writing instead of being with friends. Partly because I hadn’t been feeling well all day, but also because I felt like I needed to do something other than the expected.

On new year’s eve you celebrate with your friends or family. You are expected to have an amazing time and make it a memorable moment. So that is exactly what I refused to do this year. Why? Because I was stressing out about what to do and I was afraid that it wouldn’t be an epic night. So instead of being excited I was stressing that I wouldn’t start the new year the right way.

But why wouldn’t it be okay to be alone on new year’s eve? I love writing and even though I love my friends, I really enjoy spending time alone. Isn’t the most important thing to start the new year doing something you love and something you want to be doing? Next year I will probably be celebrating with my friends again, but I am pretty sure it will be better than ever before because no matter what I do, it will be more spectacular than sitting in my room with a cup of tea and my laptop. If I’m stressing out I can remember this night and how I actually enjoyed it just as much as any other new year’s eve.

Many things you do are out of habit or because your thoughts are influenced by your culture and the society you life in. That’s okay, life would be even more complicated if we had to think through every single thing we did. However, sometimes we need to realize this and break with it. Especially when it is about social issues because it is by doing this that we can become aware of the things that need to change. But it also goes for small things, like how to spent a new year’s eve. If planning it is giving you stress instead of creating a feeling of excitement, why not just figure out the reason and change it?

So without calling it a new year’s resolution, in 2018 I will try to break with the habits and oppose the expectations that do not uplift, but instead keep myself, others or society down.

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