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I am Pascal, I was born in 1998. I always wanted to be very educated. I am a Zambian male and I completed my secondary school in 2015. It is my dream to become a medical doctor. I have always worked hard since high school to meet the requirements to study medicine at a good university.

My results in secondary school are not as excellent as I thought they would be and they have really hindered me from pursuing my desired career. Excellent results are required to study medicine on a scholarship and I cannot afford to pay for school myself. Many people encourage me to pursue another career, to try something different. They say that not everyone becomes what they want in life.

But there is something in me that they do not see. There is something I have that they do not have. There is hope in me. I have hope for the future. I believe that one day I will become a medical doctor.

There is something unique in each and every person. There is something that you can do that someone else cannot do. Do not always say no to your dreams just because someone else did. Your strength may be my weakness and your weakness can be my strength. Just believe in yourself and you will definitely become whatever and whoever you want...

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