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My Advice to Next Year's High School Freshman

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It's Riky,

I'm a high school senior who's graduating in a few months to come and I'd like to give a piece of advice to people who will be in high school next academic year.

If I could says something to my younger self on entering high school, it would be this:

Love yourself and stay true to who you are, because you're going to change a lot; your mentality, your entourage, and your perspective of the world, among other things, will change drastically over the years to come. People will sometimes praise you, judge you, or stab you. However, always do your best to be humble, to lend a hand to anyone in need, to listen to understand and not to reply, and always to spread love everywhere you go.

Remember it's okay to make mistakes, even The Champion did, but don't let that bring you down; let that strengthen you and make you grow. Be opportunistic, but live with memories and not regrets.

Finally, work hard on your grades, and any extracurricular you partake in.

In all these you may make the best out of your stay in high school and beyond.

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