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Must read for all students...

no picture Ismaeel Yaqoob
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Sometimes you wish for your life to move more quickly. Thoughts of the future dance in your mind- "bring an end to this stage, I’m ready for the next".

In retrospect, thinking about the past few years, these are the days that went most quickly, and the days filled with your most memorable moments. Fond were many and some were the opposite, nonetheless all vesting a unique nostalgia within them. They were the days you’d sit in class having no idea what the teacher was talking about and waiting for the minute hand of the obscurely small white plastic clock to hit a quarter past. The days you’d laugh with the people who were once your closest friends, naive to the reality that one day, unknown to you, would be the last Friday Fish and Chips. Sitting in awkward silence with someone you were unable to make conversation with, then thinking it was too late to break it once you’d found a conversation starter. Being constantly surrounded by boys all on their variable stage of maturity. The one boy in the class whose pubescent features were years ahead of their peers; their light stubble and husky voices fascinating your youthful curiosity. The genuine joy that proclaimed the faces of the teacher you’d held the door for; questioning if their distance from you was too little for you to proceed without keeping it held. The homework you’d copy from your friend in haste, minutes before the lesson, keeping lookout for the teacher around you; somehow the most panicked emotions conceding you at this point. The excitement that swathed the room as the teacher told everyone to pack up as we were going to the computer lab. The sound of the register that became almost like a song; the supply teacher you’d wait on to butcher your name. Consistently naive to the temporary nature of these days, these feelings, these chats, these relationships, these meals, these sounds, these smells, these exercise books, these uniforms, these teachers, these computers, these laughs, these inappropriate sounds, these registers, these whiteboards, these pens, these pencils, this school.

Don’t take a breath of school life for granted- I promise you they’re your most precious.

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